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Mademoiselle X

2016 | Graduation Final project, 3rd Prize of Excellence

With Mademoiselle X I want to navigate the sea of mental disorders and the creation of a madness with a happy ending. 

The mind as a double- edged sword, which distorts the truth to show us a new one. 

Death as an escape.

An evolution from putrefaction to liberation and perfection.

from death to life

The use of upholstery. Strong layered fabrics to create stiffness

Faux Fur with traditional fur cut and sewing techniques

Couture corset covered with real and handmade flowers

Hand embroidered details in top and Geta Sandals

Photographer - Andres Díaz Ruiz - @50lens

Models - Alejandra Andreu - @alejandraandreu

                  Luis Mba Ndong - @ndongluis

Make up - Malú Murillo - @malu72472

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